Postscript: WWIII

It was 2018 and Americans were finally beginning to pick up the pieces of their country. Remnants of an attempted coup stretching over 10 years had made them weary. Many wondered if reclaiming the once great nation was even possible. The world was beset by hunger and the newly ended World War III had decimated the populations of every country. Thousands of feral children roamed parentless guided only by instinct and the undeniable pangs of hunger.

Many roamed the streets of neighborhoods and towns once decorated and governed by civility. Gone were the finely managed lawns and up kept houses. Home was nearly anywhere you could lay your head for rest. Rest did not come easy. The cities were even worse. It took desperate fortitude to live amongst the ruins of progressivism and anarchy. Survival was the only thing those who had not given up were concerned about. It was what fed their souls. The time for payback was behind them but it was not forgotten. If there was to be a rebuilding surely there would be time for that.

What once the magnificence America represented only existed in the hearts and minds of the patriots who dared to speak the truth when it was murderous to do so. Exactly what had befallen this great nation? And, how did the malfeasance of those in charge bring about the last of the World Wars? It was easily done though they manufactured complexity in a way that the newer generations born after the second world war saw only promises of a better future. It happened because a lot of the older generations got complacent and weary.

It began, simply, by destroying HONESTY characterized by terms like misleading, misdirected, misspoke, ambiguous, disingenuous and confusing therefore differing that each and every lie told was something less than a lie. But, they were all lies and nothing but lies. In their corner was the media. The media used words like changing narrative to justify the lies explaining that it was the public who was misunderstanding. Journalists, reporters and anchors; those former arbiters of truth and justice became propagandists and on the nightly news viewers were treated to abysmal salivating figures in servitude to a dictator. Savants they were, and they were proud of it.

Countries long known to appreciate America and long known to be our allies saw what was happening and left us. Many aligned with a new banking system formed by another country because they saw what we did not. (They would leave over the trustworthiness of our leaders too.) What we were doing was not working no matter how strong the dollar appeared.

The economy: Over a ten-year span they manipulated the stock market and controlled currency through Quantitative Easement:

“An unconventional monetary policy in which a central bank purchases government securities or other securities from the market in order to lower interest rates and increase the money supply.”

In other words, making something appear from nothing.

Corruption, lobbying and “corporate cronyism ( a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials. It may be exhibited by favoritism in the distribution of legal permits, government grants, special tax breaks, or other forms of state interventionism)” This finished the economy off. The rich got richer at a pace never seen before and the poor got poorer. Poverty became the number one “success” of progressivism.

Finally they assaulted religion and morality. How? They attacked God. A seemingly endless platform of agendas suddenly jumped into a sharp focus where they never had before. Where once God was the center place of most people’s lives and was credited for a moral and sane society merely the mention of the word became intolerable. He was no longer welcome in government. He was no longer welcome in schools. He was no longer welcome in marriage. In many churches, he became welcome only as a word not as a god. It became illegal to abide by God’s words and stay true in faith to his teachings. Businesses were attacked for it. Thousands in the middle east were beheaded and crucified for it. While there were many who still loved God they were afraid to mention him in political or group circles fearful they would be ostracized. Soon the once proud and loud Christian voices became quiet and passive.

Throughout this assault on America the destruction of her most coveted set of laws, the Constitution was attacked and diminished. And not enough cared. It became harder and harder to buy or possess a gun to protect the most cherished unit of Americanism; the family. The Second Amendment was pounced on at every turn and many times through deceptive means which only those patriots paying attention saw. The First Amendment was slipping away due to that very fact. People had started paying attention and were speaking out. Progressivism, that ugly monster, knew that their schemes would eventually implode if the First Amendment wasn’t suppressed. But, for freedom-loving people little changed for the better.

There was an ire building. Mother’s were tired of their children being assaulted at every turn by the pernicious rhetoric and propaganda. Men were tired of being told to be everything other than a man bound by courage, virtue and hard work. Families were becoming tired of having nothing to show for their efforts in achieving the American dream. A storm was coming. And it was long overdue.

After years of uncertainty and fear it began very simply. One morning there were no banks open. People tried to cash a check and use their debit and credit cards for the easiest of things. But, nothing worked. Across ever TV station an emergency broadcast system alert flashed informing of a yet as unknown national emergency. People were instructed to stay home. Our leaders were working on it. News would be forthcoming. But, as so many times in the past many knew the news would be anything but truthful and straightforward. Even the news anchors looked terrified as they reported the statements they were handed from the government. Like deer caught in the headlights of a fast rushing car it was those faces that said everything. At first, people were frightened. Then they got angry. The longer the deafening silence of our officials continued the angrier people got. It only took a few days without money for people to begin to wake up. After all, money was the one thing everyone counted on and, sadly, many built the most important aspects of their lives on.

Our enemies saw an opportunity and attacked. First they attacked the Internet cutting us off from the rest of the world… even our troops based overseas. They would be of no help to us. Then they attacked with weapons. It didn’t take many, just a few well-placed technologically advanced weaponry aimed at the capitols of government and industry. Soon we were as helpless as the pioneers would’ve been without their plows and skills. Like children we were placed to care for ourselves without the knowledge and expertise of our forefathers. For so many, it spelled death and doom. Not only did most not have the skills or tools they didn’t have the means to learn or buy any. Survival of the fittest became a truth and not altruism. People were going to die.

Violence began in earnest. Some happened because it was what people wanted and had done little of because they feared prison. Anger incited others. Much occurred be people began to need things. People fought and stole from friends, neighbors and businesses. Friends became enemies, and trust so elusive in our leadership over the prior ten years, eroded human to human. No one cared anymore who was a republican or democrat. No one cared anymore who slept with whom. No one cared about platforms, agendas or policies except those that fed their families and kept them safe. Sometimes Christians fought alongside atheists and sometimes they fought them. It was the same for everyone regardless of race, sexuality or ethics. What little fight our leaders did in response to those who attacked America, and to Americans themselves, was selfishly and personally indulgent. It only got worse.

When it was over and people got tired of being against each other and those left had learned to survive; it was only then they asked themselves: “Why did we allow this to happen?” It was then that people asked themselves where the causes of progressivism had intended the world to go. It was then they asked themselves if it was worth it.

That they breathed was their only answer. And, it was… that they breathed still… their only reward. ©2015

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