Hypocrisy for me but not for thee?

It amazes me daily how much ignorance the intolerant choose to exhibit on such a grand stage as the internet. I commented on a post from The Intercept rebuking Israel for spying. The Intercept headline said NSA documents proved it. Give me a freaking break! It’s only morally or politically correct when the NSA does it? Furthermore, isn’t The Intercept continually outing everyone who spies? They just outed New Zealand and Canada.

More to my point, when I commented I was told I was a traitor (to whom I am still wondering), had my head in my ass and condoned killing children. I get attacked a lot. If it’s true then okay. But, it isn’t true.

So, here is a screen shot of what I actually said:

Image 1-2 Image 2-3


One thought on “Hypocrisy for me but not for thee?

  1. Israel – “the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US”
    So who fills the #1 and #2 spot?
    I don’t know about #2 spot, I do know the #1 spot is held by NSA.
    Talk about TRAITORS!
    Our every waking moment the NSA is tracking it’s own countrymen!


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