A Wicked Paradigm

Murder never bothered her. There in the state where everyone is a celebrity, murder is just a concept that is, not only promoted, but emboldened. When she ran for office she had no illusions of achieving the American Dream or making a difference for regular Americans. She was above them. Maybe she could cajole them into thinking she cared by giving them things, or, at the very least, prevaricate a platform that it was she who knew best and who was fighting for them. Truthfully, she was doing the exact opposite. And, she was proud of it. After all, once she was in office for awhile she learned a few things. And none of what she learned was good, transparent or honest.

There were things she gave them over the years that they appreciated. Most of which was paid for by the people she did absolutely nothing for. Unless she was married to you, bore you, or you were so glib you were able to convince her that helping you would bolster her public esteem, she did nothing. But, oh how able she was to pat her own back. She was her biggest hero.

Long before people knew they had been taken, she had moved on. Adept at falsehood, she carried this pattern into a world view halfway through the decade of the first millennium. You had to hand it her. She was especially skilled at making you seem like you wanted something so that by the time you figured out her schemes she had already buffeted her bank accounts into the millions. By the time that happened, the populace had become numb or so lethargic in the power they thought they didn’t have, that it was totally expected for them to feel like they deserved what they got. They kept voting for her didn’t they? All of this translated into a power that she wielded with a deceptive smile so that even those supposed to be her opponents rushed to kiss her cheek with the sincerest flattery.

But, she went too far some thought. That happened after she began to practice public deception, and she did it with an air that suggested she was queen. Only she wasn’t. Still, up on that dais, she lied and she lied and she lied. Eventually, she was grandly complicit in passing bills and laws without knowing their content or their context. It was a wake up call. But, was it too late? Not only had she done that, but she led an entire majority of lawmakers to her side and inside her conspiracies exposing a soulless body of conscienceless beings. The only positive thing to come of these actions was that many of them lost their elected seats during the next national election.

Sadly, that election was a deception. While the people were waking up, the same men who were voted in to replace the soulless who promised there would be an end to these and other improper actions eagerly lined up to plant a kiss on her, now old and wrinkled, cheek. It even seemed they did it more often.  And, her millions piled higher. Somebody always got paid when she got something she wanted. Always. Each and every decision she made came with a price. Some came with many. Murder, in it’s most explicit definition, refers to the end of the life of a human being. More loosely, it is the accumulative point of ending something. It could be an idea. It could be a lifestyle, a commitment, faith…even freedom. She committed all acts by destroying trust and destroying lives. The farther you researched her decisions and the more you discovered lives lost, an income destroyed, healthcare annihilated, rules broken, words twisted and traditions criminalized. She couldn’t even keep to the tenets of her faith. Money was just too damn important to her. When a high ranking member of her church denounced her, she looked towards the effusive panderers she had become so dependent on to assuage her delusional thinking. One could almost imagine the drool sliding from their lips as she recognized them in their praise for her.

n. noun

1. The killing of another person without justification or excuse, especially the crime of killing a person with malice aforethought or with recklessness manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.
2. An instance of such killing.
3. Something that is very uncomfortable, difficult, or hazardous. The rush hour traffic is murder.

v. verb

1. To kill (another human) in an act of murder.
2. To kill brutally or inhumanly. Thousands of civilians were murdered in the bombardment.
3. To put an end to; destroy.

This is fiction based on real life characters ©2015


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