Postscript: WWIII

Speaking to Common Sense

It was 2018 and Americans were finally beginning to pick up the pieces of their country. Remnants of an attempted coup stretching over 10 years had made them weary. Many wondered if reclaiming the once great nation was even possible. The world was beset by hunger and the newly ended World War III had decimated the populations of every country. Thousands of feral children roamed parentless guided only by instinct and the undeniable pangs of hunger.

Many roamed the streets of neighborhoods and towns once decorated and governed by civility. Gone were the finely managed lawns and up kept houses. Home was nearly anywhere you could lay your head for rest. Rest did not come easy. The cities were even worse. It took desperate fortitude to live amongst the ruins of progressivism and anarchy. Survival was the only thing those who had not given up were concerned about. It was…

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