Crisis in the Democratic Party


How Dare You?!

I stopped blogging after a man in a pretty blue Saturn came to my house objecting to opinion I posted in my blog. In a moment that lasted a couple of years, I caved to fear. The fear wasn’t for me but for the children I was raising whom I love more than life itself. I’m back. Those children are older now and well-versed in the evil hatred that surrounds this world.

I have things to say: many, many things. My fear is nothing. My disgust is overwhelming and, I believe, powerful. For nearly three years I have engaged in a social media platform where truth, lies, outrage and narcissism fly by in increments of seconds 140 characters at a time. And, it has had an awesome fear-provoking power. I haven’t been powerful but I have been inciteful prompting quieter people than me to speak out. Seeking to be a realist, I’ve called myself Pragmatist. I’ve never regretted it having seen the world full of obtuse humans afraid to see the world, moreover, the words people spew as it really is… as humans really are. That’s it. That’s all we got. And, history will judge us harshly for it. We’re living in a world where the very politicians we’re supposed to count on to lead us fight us with a mainstream press who pride themselves on leading us astray with propaganda full of outright lies. Neither care a bit about the deaths they cause. Neither care about the truth. We’ve let them get away with that.

The biggest purveyors are CNN, activist politicians and supposed judicial arbiters of justice. It’s a fantasy. All of it’s a fantasy born out of ego and slight from those who believe we’re either less than or downtrodden by color and socio-economic happenstance. Nowhere does anyone say it’s up to you to account for your life based on the choices you made. Are there injustices? Sure. Fight back.

Popular these days is to slam being white. White males are maligned the most, yet nowhere does anyone explain that being born white is a condition unchosen. However, make no mistake there’s a plethora of companies & organizations trying to change that through test tube experimentation and platforms of social “justice” rather than letting humans fall in love with whom they will.. letting nature take it’s course. Furthermore, they engineer your sex…if you let them. You are pressured to believe what they believe. And, everyone, yes everyone, in politics, media, entertainment… even religion is in on it. EVERYONE. But, you can be as well. If every there was a time to be vocal and out there, it’s now. Someone once said “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” We’re not promised “when”. We’ve got now. God NEVER told us to be silent.

Speak now or forever hold your “piece”. Otherwise, they will force you into silence.

I’m just getting started.

I Still Believe in America’s Preeminence

They will feign shock when they get older and tell their grandchildren that they just don’t know how it happened. Outsiders will be shocked when they ask what happened. Many of the snickering fools will be long gone or wallowing somewhere in the misery of “poor for one and all’ state they helped create. If anyone is allowed the have the red, white and blue I figure it will be a long-loved remnant of a past and a history once so loved it had to be hidden.

Some elites will make it through with their many billions locked behind the magical gates of “only for me and not for thee” mansions gained by corruption and greed. Their faces will be mapped with lines of hate that long ago left their mark and the influence peddling they thrived on will only be in a small collective circle of despotic comfort. However, even at the gates of death their faces will never reflect shame or guilt. Yet, someday, at their very end, a prayer or two, or many, will be answered and the fear of hell will mark them with a worry that will encourage many sleepless nights because they chose to live as if there were no God, yet they will seek the comfort in knowing there is a God as they approach the resolution of their besmirched lives. Fortunately, Christianity will survive and it is by its grace and teachings that one or two, or many, of these horrible humans will have that comfort regardless how much the logical mind of a realist Christian wants to deny them. The heart will not allow it….always. Therein lies salvation from a God that is truly good.

Still, history will not treat them kindly. When good finally triumphs over evil the questions will be so abundant it will take a very long time to answer them if they ever can be answered.

The ones who seek to describe will look to lay blame on everyone but themselves. In reality, everyone played a part. Many said or did nothing. Others took the truth and twisted it. An enormous amount ignored the facts and actions straight away most often to accomplish a task or ideal built on greed. Those who had lost their souls in the early days of their lives, if indeed they ever had one at all, will be the most egregious skewers of history.

The only comfort in history will be the Al Sharptons of this world castigated as a diabolic insurgent who proselytized hate. Or, there will be the Al Gores remembered more for the “inconvenient lies”  told to get rich than  “inconvenient truths”. The upside down hustle perpetuating violent protests which end in the sacrificing of lives of police officers based on a policy of dividing society will be one of the most disgusting, least-respected and unforgivable moments in history. Of that you can be certain.

History will also show us a period in time in our once great country when small-minded men were allowed to wage a war of regulatory attrition to force the people they are supposed to lead and serve into submissiveness. And, all the later storytellers will not be able to explain it because they will be from that time where truth was discouraged thus never taught. Yet, the best of them will try. I pray they succeed.

I’ve been privileged to know so many people from the greatest generation and shortly there after. Many from the latter were taken too soon. The only comfort I get from that is that I believe God knew it was better for them to not be here to witness the fall of everything they fought for. Maybe their hearts would be the most egregiously harmed because I know it wasn’t about saving their souls. Their souls were intact. It’s comforting in a way because my heart hurts for them every time I think of something they tried to do for good. I’m glad they can’t witness the erosion of freedom happening now.

As a little girl, my proudest moment of the day was hoisting the flag up the pole at my elementary school. Taking it down was even better as we folded it with such reverence knowing, even young, that when we got up the next morning it would still be there. I’m not even sure how I learned that at 8 but I’m glad I did.

Additionally, in my memory is every history lesson I ever learned about the beginning of America. I either had the best teachers or I just knew to love my country. I still do most passionately.

Time is running out though I battle everyday to unburden my grandchildren with the falsities they sometimes learn at school through the tunnel vision that is Common Core. I am honest. I want to leave them with the foundation of truth and fact. I want to instill in them pride for America, if not the world.That way, when I am gone I have left them hope.

Someday, America will once again be remembered, if not praised, for all the good she has done. In fact, many elsewhere in the world are already asking: “What happened?”

I still believe in our preeminence. I wish the rest of America did too.

The Old Man in …

Merry Christmas. When all else fails there is God.

Speaking to Common Sense

The Old Man in My Dreams

(I dreamed this one night, but it took me months to write it down. I know what it means to me. Do you?)

In my dreams one night, I met an old man who came to me much like Jacob Marley came to Ebenezer Scrooge.* His appearance was sad though, not scary. He told me I was to remember him. Years would pass he said, before I would need to remember what he said to me. So, I went about my life. I grew and studied, played and learned, watched and created and lived. Mostly happy, I lived. Marriage came and went. I was blessed with children; then grandchildren. Still, once in a while I’d think of the old man from my dreams.
As my carefree younger days evolved into a settled middle age I began to think of him often. Why, I wondered?…

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With All Due Respect to the Office of…..

I am respectful of every office there is in America. I am as respectful as I can be for their holders if they earn it. That being said I had to say the following with regards to the People Magazine article (link) below:

Life is short. Battles should be chosen based on their merits and veracity. The above article encompasses neither. Everyone has had a moment (or two…) in their lives where they were treated in a way that wasn’t necessarily expected. That doesn’t mean that there is an intent of disrespect, bigotry, racism or hate every single time unless you take what is said in the article as the “gospel of truth”. It isn’t and shouldn’t be accepted that way.

For crying out loud, my younger brother is 6′ 3″ and many, many times I have seen him reach for something at the request of a shorter human being because they couldn’t reach it. He did it out of courtesy and thought ( no thinks), nothing about it to this day. I am 5′ 7″. Many a time I have helped a person who was shorter than me. It’s what we do us genetically gifted tall people.

Now, as for being thought of as a valet, I don’t think my brother experienced that but he has been mistaken for a lot worse. I have been mistaken for a store worker for having a shirt on that matched too similarly to the color of a store’s uniform. I have done that a couple of times to others. Big freaking deal.

In addition, I have been mistaken for being stupid because I am from West Virginia and we all know what jokes say about West Virginia. Yes you do, and no they’re not true. When I first moved here my 6th grade art teacher, Mr. Hubbard, kept making me repeat my name over and over in front of the whole class because he didn’t like how I pronounced Laura. It’s my damn name. If I want to pronounce it like “car” I will and I do. It wasn’t until the 6th time  he corrected me that I got offended and sat down.

And, we women get it all the time. There are few of us who haven’t been told they couldn’t do something because we weren’t strong enough. And, most would be lying if they denied that. Look at the push for Sharia Law which primarily affects women. I’ve seen a couple of legislators comment positively on that and they’re women and black. They too would be lying if they denied that. (The internet is forever.)

Now, I’m going to be called a racist? Eh…yeah probably. No one ever calls a conservative female blogger anything like a rational person, a realist or forthright except another conservative.

My point? Get over it. Pick your battles because picking every single little battle to assault your audience only makes you look pathetic, weak and whiney. Suck it up. Next time you’re asked to perform a simple courtesy as an action of common good or decency, just do it. No one is being demeaning.

And, there a far worse things to be mistaken for such as a “tyrant” or a “dictator” or a “liar”. Those are battles worth fighting if you do it well. Finally, if you find yourself being called any of the latter many it’s time to look inward. Don’t you think?

Thousands of Words You Need to Carry

Nothing scares as much as Tyranny under the guise of injustice. Everyone who loves America should carry a complete copy of their rights and, for that matter, the entire Constitution.

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name of justice.- Charles de Montesquieu

“….shall not be infringed.”

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”-Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

“No attempt at besting any of these words is worthy of any effort.” – Me