That Dandelion

Peaceful people by the thousands were lined up, and they shot them dead. It wasn’t the government who murdered them but the violent criminals they could not take guns from.

She didn’t really believe that criminals would lay down their guns when the guns were taken from the peaceful people, but she thought the peaceful gun owners and the obtuse populace would be stupid enough to believe it when she promoted it. She was as complicit in genocide as she had been in the 90’s when a certain African country experienced it.

“She didn’t have to worry,” she thought. Her and her spouse had so many billions they could build a thousand fortresses to protect them and no one could force her to watch what her rhetoric had caused. But, her conscience knew. She still had a bit of that. Once in a while, there were no blinders when her conscience placed the unending rivers of blood in her mind. And, images of frightened children still got through. Yet, she kept up the propaganda. As much as the tiny bit of soul inside wanted to change and maybe reverse course, there was just too much money to lose. And, she had learned that money was what would keep her safe…for a time. Besides, they weren’t her children. Someday, she counted on knowing that she could step her feet outside her fortress safely to resume a life where 90% of those she held in no esteem no longer existed. But, then what? Then that day came. She opened her door.

Shocked, she realized, she had not counted on the truth of what came next. Those that were left didn’t want to know her and they didn’t trust her. Somewhere in the back of the minds of those horribly angry survivors a plan was finalized for her destruction, and it was being realized. The few she could see from the doorway frightened her. Justice, the one thing she thought was hers, was going to finally find her. She was afraid. She was very afraid. And, she knew she should be.

It was then her eyes fixed on a dandelion. Although she had always hired a very good lawn maintenance company somehow this weed had gotten through. Immediately, a picture of a small girl flooded her mind as she presented it to a loved one. “What had she done?” she wondered. “How did this one little weed, un worrisome to most, get through?” “Where were her minions responsible for keeping it out?” She shivered. A dawning occurred. It was at this moment she began to realize that maybe, just maybe, her minions were some of the peaceful people, and more than a few, were probably her people. She was Jewish. While perfectly adept at not cheering, working or protecting them, she could not deny she was one. History doesn’t lie. “Hadn’t they been through enough?” she thought. Was it possible she had not only betrayed them but all of mankind? Much too late, there was no place now for heroic thoughts. “It was too late,” she knew. She had done what she had done, and while she wanted to believe her billions would protect her, she had to face up to what she had done. They would come for her regardless of all her protections. Then her thoughts came back to the yellow-topped flower that wasn’t supposed to be there… asking:

“If one little dandelion sent by the spirit of an innocent could get through, what could man do to me?”

Fiction from characters I think had an enormous chance to do right but chose not to. ©2015

A Wicked Paradigm

Murder never bothered her. There in the state where everyone is a celebrity, murder is just a concept that is, not only promoted, but emboldened. When she ran for office she had no illusions of achieving the American Dream or making a difference for regular Americans. She was above them. Maybe she could cajole them into thinking she cared by giving them things, or, at the very least, prevaricate a platform that it was she who knew best and who was fighting for them. Truthfully, she was doing the exact opposite. And, she was proud of it. After all, once she was in office for awhile she learned a few things. And none of what she learned was good, transparent or honest.

There were things she gave them over the years that they appreciated. Most of which was paid for by the people she did absolutely nothing for. Unless she was married to you, bore you, or you were so glib you were able to convince her that helping you would bolster her public esteem, she did nothing. But, oh how able she was to pat her own back. She was her biggest hero.

Long before people knew they had been taken, she had moved on. Adept at falsehood, she carried this pattern into a world view halfway through the decade of the first millennium. You had to hand it her. She was especially skilled at making you seem like you wanted something so that by the time you figured out her schemes she had already buffeted her bank accounts into the millions. By the time that happened, the populace had become numb or so lethargic in the power they thought they didn’t have, that it was totally expected for them to feel like they deserved what they got. They kept voting for her didn’t they? All of this translated into a power that she wielded with a deceptive smile so that even those supposed to be her opponents rushed to kiss her cheek with the sincerest flattery.

But, she went too far some thought. That happened after she began to practice public deception, and she did it with an air that suggested she was queen. Only she wasn’t. Still, up on that dais, she lied and she lied and she lied. Eventually, she was grandly complicit in passing bills and laws without knowing their content or their context. It was a wake up call. But, was it too late? Not only had she done that, but she led an entire majority of lawmakers to her side and inside her conspiracies exposing a soulless body of conscienceless beings. The only positive thing to come of these actions was that many of them lost their elected seats during the next national election.

Sadly, that election was a deception. While the people were waking up, the same men who were voted in to replace the soulless who promised there would be an end to these and other improper actions eagerly lined up to plant a kiss on her, now old and wrinkled, cheek. It even seemed they did it more often.  And, her millions piled higher. Somebody always got paid when she got something she wanted. Always. Each and every decision she made came with a price. Some came with many. Murder, in it’s most explicit definition, refers to the end of the life of a human being. More loosely, it is the accumulative point of ending something. It could be an idea. It could be a lifestyle, a commitment, faith…even freedom. She committed all acts by destroying trust and destroying lives. The farther you researched her decisions and the more you discovered lives lost, an income destroyed, healthcare annihilated, rules broken, words twisted and traditions criminalized. She couldn’t even keep to the tenets of her faith. Money was just too damn important to her. When a high ranking member of her church denounced her, she looked towards the effusive panderers she had become so dependent on to assuage her delusional thinking. One could almost imagine the drool sliding from their lips as she recognized them in their praise for her.

n. noun

1. The killing of another person without justification or excuse, especially the crime of killing a person with malice aforethought or with recklessness manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.
2. An instance of such killing.
3. Something that is very uncomfortable, difficult, or hazardous. The rush hour traffic is murder.

v. verb

1. To kill (another human) in an act of murder.
2. To kill brutally or inhumanly. Thousands of civilians were murdered in the bombardment.
3. To put an end to; destroy.

This is fiction based on real life characters ©2015

A Necessary Quietus

She was dying in his arms and all he could think was: “This is the ugly girl I married, not because I loved her, but because she had such a conniving mind.” He knew she was ugly inside and out but the temptation to be able to control the lives of others was just too great to ignore. Surely she would settle for a companion of purpose and allow him the time and occasion to do what he must to satisfy his reckless desires.

“She did exactly that,” He thought. Still, he asked himself many times over the decades what exactly she received through this union? “It couldn’t be as simple as creature comforts could it?” Lives were won and lost. Billions were gained and forsaken on the breaths of men. They had a child together that they shaped in her image. Always, he still questioned her soul: “Did she even have one?” “Did he?”

He had gotten away with much. Most, not all, of his crimes were sexual. He wasn’t particular in his choices except they had to be beautiful. Age and money, often, didn’t matter. Nor, did location. If he could do something, he would. But, her? What was in it for her? During their time together they both mastered infamy but hers was much more deadly. And, it always included money. Most of the time it was in amounts no normal person could ever hope to possess and much of it was attained surreptitiously. She made hard choices that came with the horrific sacrifices of others she wasn’t entitled to. He thought about that a lot.

It wasn’t that he feared the smell of the blood he knew accompanied her bounties. It wasn’t even the mess or the judgment from the people she professed to want to help. “What could she do to him if she was capable of all of such manipulation?” That was why he stayed with her. Stupid, he wasn’t. Looking at that body he held as life fell away, he waited for a sense of relief hoping it would overwhelm him. Part of him was glad the millions she was campaigning to help would not be afflicted with her. Of all the things his talents could do for them, this was the one with the most promise even if it was a selfish act on his part. If he was rid of her, so shall they be.

In years, he knew his time amongst the people would soon be over or he would be too feeble to act. “That was the funny thing about only having one life,” he thought. “When it’s over, it’s over.” Everybody gets old no matter what you do. So, there had to be solace for him before it was too late. Possibly there would be redemption too. Memories of his childhood raced through his mind to a period where he did believe in good and even stepped foot inside a house of God with no more fear than stepping inside a grocery store. But, those days were long gone. A kind of heaven existed somewhere in the back of his mind, although he had so many doubts. Maybe her end would make up for his sins and there would be a place for him if he didn’t find a better alternative. After all, he did it for the world and that was more than anything she could ever hope to accomplish.

Most of all, he would find peace even if he had to constantly justify it. But, would the people whom she claimed she wanted to help, while moving each and every one move towards their own destruction, find it? There were so many.

“It was really quite easy,” he thought. He just stopped believing in her. Nothing she said or did or wanted permeated his mind. He started living in earnest as if she existed no more. There was no debate, no discussion, no listening, no physical comfort, no assurances, no respect, no pretense of love and no more fear. Money and power ceased as a desire for her. As much as a wisp of smoke disappears a moment after it is blown, so did she. Her ego couldn’t exist without him fostering it. Nothing mattered anymore because she adored him and she always had. As much as he built her up, that ugly little girl who was so mad at the world, he brought her downfall. And, then there was nothing left.
This is a fictional story with elements taken from current events ©2015

And, then there is this:

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin expected to vacate Governor’s Mansion for six months for repair work

Tennessee House votes Bible as official state book

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Tennessee House votes Bible as official state book
State to be officially renamed: Fucktardistan.

In the interest of keeping it real, let’s talk about this book. Shall we?

Kill your children:

“Take your son, your only son – yes, Isaac, whom you love so much – and go to the land of Moriah.  Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will point out to you.”  (Genesis 22:1-18)

Mass murder and mass rape!

    So they sent twelve thousand warriors to Jabesh-gilead with orders to kill everyone there, including women and children.  “This is what you are to do,” they said. “Completely destroy all the males and every woman who is not a virgin.”  Among the residents of Jabesh-gilead they found four hundred young virgins who had never slept with a man, and they brought them to the camp at Shiloh…

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An Unwelcome Extinction

Speaking to Common Sense

Long before the swallows disappeared a new bird came. Its head sat slightly askew and its eyes bulged a bit. More often than not it hobbled along the ground instead of taking flight. The noises it made were painful and rapid and there never seemed to be enough air in one single intake of breath. I touched one once and as I did its feathers slid off its body as if they had just been laid against its skin never tethered. Most of the time I saw these birds hobbling along the beach, I think, in search of fish to dine on. But, the fish had long since disappeared replaced by scary mutant sea life if you could call them life at all. Seems as if the radiation from the nuclear plant leak so far east of our shores had finally decimated what was once so pure. Would people be…

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An Unwelcome Extinction

Long before the swallows disappeared a new bird came. Its head sat slightly askew and its eyes bulged a bit. More often than not it hobbled along the ground instead of taking flight. The noises it made were painful and rapid and there never seemed to be enough air in one single intake of breath. I touched one once and as I did its feathers slid off its body as if they had just been laid against its skin never tethered. Most of the time I saw these birds hobbling along the beach, I think, in search of fish to dine on. But, the fish had long since disappeared replaced by scary mutant sea life if you could call them life at all. Seems as if the radiation from the nuclear plant leak so far east of our shores had finally decimated what was once so pure. Would people be next? You had to consider the possibility. When the truth was hidden for so long as to the damaging amounts of radiated water and chemicals that were released into the sea it would only be common sense to think that somewhere inside the body bad things were already occurring even if we couldn’t actually see it. That’s the thing about reality. Just because you can’t see a truth doesn’t make the truth any less true. Nor, does it make ignorance of truth any less damaging. It’s better, I think, to know. Because, we’ve known for decades that radiation maims and kills.

I walk here often. Years back, I walked to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature knowing that this was the place I could relax and gather my thoughts. Now, it’s marked with death, and the sights and sounds are a painful reminder of a time when men didn’t care. I receive comfort from time to time knowing that most of those men are gone, and I thank God that I am still here to ponder this though I know my time left is very short. Often, I wonder if a near time is coming when no one will be left to remember.

In a way, I’m fortunate to remember a time when men cared, yet the memory of the more recent time when they didn’t scars my memories. Then they cared about money. I think they would’ve eaten it if they could. It wasn’t just the gluttony but the pure devilish devotion to having more and more and more and more that astounds. In the end though, they couldn’t take it with them. And, their bodies afflicted with the diseases of their choices lie in coffins and shrouds there in that bitter ground decaying just as all the others, rich and poor, who had come before them. I often wonder if given a second chance would they live their lives differently.

Nuclear energy was supposed to be more cost-effective, cleaner, better for the environment and safe. For a time it was… until the accidents started happening. Meltdowns occurred when nuclear reactors overheated or became unstable. Once that happened it was hard to contain the waste and the hazardous materials left over. Most were bunkered in concrete to sit out time until they were no longer a threat. No one truly knew how long that would be regardless of what they would attempt to calculate. Nature felled others. The nuclear plant overseas was decimated by a Tsunami spilling massive amounts of deadly poisons into the waters mankind depended on for life. While the alarmist was speaking out, the men of power and control were cheerfully projecting only minimal damage. We all knew they were lying. We knew they were lying when the radiation levels rose. We knew they were lying when the sea life started dying and mutating. Little by little the news reports released a little more and a little more information on the impossibility of containment and effects but it was too late. It took years for the beginning of the truth to come out. But by then, we had eaten the fish. We had drunk the water. We had bathed in the water. We watered our lawns and planted our fields with the water. We went on.


By the time people realized the damage had trickled down through our DNA it was too late to correct the damaging changes. By the time the earth and the oceans had changed, there was no turning back. What will future generations think. More to the point, will there be future generations?

If there is will there be a fertile earth to support it? Or will there just be little shrieking, painful, hobbling birds, heads askew?

This is a story – fiction based on fact ©2015

Postscript: WWIII

Speaking to Common Sense

It was 2018 and Americans were finally beginning to pick up the pieces of their country. Remnants of an attempted coup stretching over 10 years had made them weary. Many wondered if reclaiming the once great nation was even possible. The world was beset by hunger and the newly ended World War III had decimated the populations of every country. Thousands of feral children roamed parentless guided only by instinct and the undeniable pangs of hunger.

Many roamed the streets of neighborhoods and towns once decorated and governed by civility. Gone were the finely managed lawns and up kept houses. Home was nearly anywhere you could lay your head for rest. Rest did not come easy. The cities were even worse. It took desperate fortitude to live amongst the ruins of progressivism and anarchy. Survival was the only thing those who had not given up were concerned about. It was…

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