How Dare You?!

I stopped blogging after a man in a pretty blue Saturn came to my house objecting to opinion I posted in my blog. In a moment that lasted a couple of years, I caved to fear. The fear wasn’t for me but for the children I was raising whom I love more than life itself. I’m back. Those children are older now and well-versed in the evil hatred that surrounds this world.

I have things to say: many, many things. My fear is nothing. My disgust is overwhelming and, I believe, powerful. For nearly three years I have engaged in a social media platform where truth, lies, outrage and narcissism fly by in increments of seconds 140 characters at a time. And, it has had an awesome fear-provoking power. I haven’t been powerful but I have been inciteful prompting quieter people than me to speak out. Seeking to be a realist, I’ve called myself Pragmatist. I’ve never regretted it having seen the world full of obtuse humans afraid to see the world, moreover, the words people spew as it really is… as humans really are. That’s it. That’s all we got. And, history will judge us harshly for it. We’re living in a world where the very politicians we’re supposed to count on to lead us fight us with a mainstream press who pride themselves on leading us astray with propaganda full of outright lies. Neither care a bit about the deaths they cause. Neither care about the truth. We’ve let them get away with that.

The biggest purveyors are CNN, activist politicians and supposed judicial arbiters of justice. It’s a fantasy. All of it’s a fantasy born out of ego and slight from those who believe we’re either less than or downtrodden by color and socio-economic happenstance. Nowhere does anyone say it’s up to you to account for your life based on the choices you made. Are there injustices? Sure. Fight back.

Popular these days is to slam being white. White males are maligned the most, yet nowhere does anyone explain that being born white is a condition unchosen. However, make no mistake there’s a plethora of companies & organizations trying to change that through test tube experimentation and platforms of social “justice” rather than letting humans fall in love with whom they will.. letting nature take it’s course. Furthermore, they engineer your sex…if you let them. You are pressured to believe what they believe. And, everyone, yes everyone, in politics, media, entertainment… even religion is in on it. EVERYONE. But, you can be as well. If every there was a time to be vocal and out there, it’s now. Someone once said “If not you, then who? If not now, then when?” We’re not promised “when”. We’ve got now. God NEVER told us to be silent.

Speak now or forever hold your “piece”. Otherwise, they will force you into silence.

I’m just getting started.


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