Jesus, My Jesus

I’m angry. And, I’m tired. I am seriously tired of seeing Christianity slammed as bad when it is the single biggest ideology that has kept this world from destroying itself. That’s a fact. When I was in college sociology teachers taught it emphatically.They didn’t necessarily credit the Bible, but I do.They did teach that the church and the social “mores” were what kept society from collapsing. Society is collapsing.

I am a Christian, yet I find myself burdened with hate.  I hate and it invades my prayers. I hate the foolish path the world is on. I hate racists. I hate weakness and I hate fools. I hate bullies who bully for the sake of forcing others to think, act and proselytize like them.

I recognize and fervently believe that Jesus died on the cross for all of us. He died for our sins. He died so we would be forgiven. In as much as I believe in Christianity, I believe this. And, it is unchangeable. I don’t believe, however, that Jesus died for us to be ignorant. I don’t believe he died for us to be awash in passivity. I believe when a sword was put at his throat he had his own. I don’t believe he didn’t strike back. I don’t! He was crucified when he was overwhelmed.

When I read or hear that massive deaths happen because of a person’s belief in Jesus and Christianity there is no scintilla of breath in my body that believes Jesus would stand for that as a man. I just don’t. And, you can’t convince me otherwise. My beliefs will ensure me a place in hell (if I don’t keep trying).  As Dante put it: ” The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.”

The more I watch the horrors of today’s world the more I am conflicted concerning the people I know. I am frustrated by the lack of movement and expression of those I love who do and say little…if anything. If not now, when? If not you, then who?

I knew when I started blogging I would get vilified once in a while based on my mistakes from my past. I accepted that and, trust me, there’s nastiness out there. But, I have built my character on knowing, believing and doing my very best to do what is right. I don’t give a crap if it doesn’t fit the alternative viewpoint. It is what it is. Someone, a lot of someones must stand up. We must!

I will probably die before the sword of hate is directly at my door. That makes me sad. But, it is coming if we do not stand now. My grandchildren and my children will be left here to suffer the pain. So will yours. Period.

Stand up! Please! Write! Talk! Complain! Talk to your representatives and your community leaders. What does it take? Prayer is great but it’s not your only defense. Christian Lives MATTER!

You can’t go back and say “I’m sorry, I didn’t see.”

See now, before they conquer. And, conquer, they can, if we let them.

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