FCC Commissioner Asks Congress To Slash Agency’s Budget For Enforcing Net Neutrality

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A Federal Communications Commissioner long-opposed to the net neutrality stance adopted in new regulations by the agency last month asked Congress Tuesday to cut FCC funding necessary to enforce the new rules.

“Congress should forbid the commission from using any appropriated funds to implement or enforce the plan the FCC just adopted to regulate the Internet,” Commissioner Ajit Pai said in a prepared statement before Congress. “Not only is this plan bad policy; absent outside intervention, the commission will expend substantial resources implementing and enforcing regulations that are wasteful, unnecessary, and affirmatively detrimental to the American public.”

Pai and FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler appeared before a House budget committee to testify on the agency’s new rules, which regulate Internet service providers similar to public utilities under Title II-style authority derived from the 1996 Telecommunications Act. Under the regulations, ISPs are banned from blocking content or setting up…

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