A Weakened Voice is a Powerless voice

I am not a big fan of chickenshit. The word itself, if the political correct weinies ever get a hold of it, describes an animal who will relentlessly run after having its head lopped off in no discernable direction and poo, crap or smelly piles of yuckiness. In modern terms it denotes cowardice, and boy is the country full of cowards. Woe unto us all when the progressives actually get around to calling all the patriots chickenshit (if they haven’t already). Yeah, my tongue is pretty much in my cheek. Were it not I’d post a photo of me sticking straight out of my mouth to say what I really feel.

I’m tired. I’m old. Is it too much to ask for straightforward, non-sensical thinking in D.C.? I’d vote for Ted Cruz even if he were a zombie running amok covered in mold because he tells it like it is. He possesses integrity which few “leaders” in D.C. do. And, legally he can run for president. Rand Paul would be my second choice because his heart is in the right place even if, on occasion, he seems to vacillate on an issue once in a while. But, don’t they all. I’d choose the direction he’s going in long before I’d choose most others. Mike Lee is good too. I’m still trying to figure out why he has expressed the least desire to run. He’d be great. So would Trey Gowdy but I think he’s not really that invested, but is truly sincere in his dedication to the state that elected him.

I used to think of myself as a democrat. Now, I cringe when I remember that and have to suppress the desire to wash my mouth out with soap…..seriously. Words matter. They don’t just matter when the NY Times (a former icon in journalism) or the Washington Post (another failed journalistic icon) or The Guardian (the former icon who supported Snowden then hammered their computers because an oppressive state ordered them too.) says it. It matters when the citizens stand up. It matters when we speak. And speak, we must.

A deal with Iran is bad. It is awful. Disparaging and attacking Netanyahu is awful. Promoting divisive agendas to prove some unidentifiable slight is just as bad. Defend America. You grew up here. You owe it. The ironic and absolute is that though there’s much deception in the grievousness being perpetrated. It is perpetrated under the very freedoms America has offered. There’s alot of hypocrisy and shame to go around. So, all you arbiters of hateful diversity….OWN IT!


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