This Time, ISIS Beheads ‘Gay’ Men in Iraq (WHERE IS OBAMA OUR FIRST “GAY PRESIDENT”?)

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Images of additional antigay atrocities in ISIS-controlled territory have emerged, purportedly showing the beheadings of two allegedly gay men and one alleged blasphemer, African website News24 reports. 

Details of the reported executions are vague at best, as the latest murders were announced via terrorist sympathizers who shared still images with captions describing the victims’ “crimes.” No independent confirmation of the executions has yet been obtained, notes News24.

The images depicting the latest acts of barbarism have become typical of the self-described Islamic State in Iraq and Syria’s appetite for media coverage of the militants’ violent reign: In multiple photos, a masked executioner holds a wide, long sword high over the outstretched necks of young men.

Another common feature in the latest series of grim images from the terrorist group — which many orthodox Muslim clerics have condemned as wholly un-Islamic — speaks less about human dignity…

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