(THESE ARE THE CHILDREN THAT WILL KILL OUR CHILDREN.) ‘Raising tomorrow’s mujahideen’: the horrific world of Isis’s child soldiers

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Children as young as 10 have been filmed executing prisoners for Isis, which has approached their training and indoctrination with characteristic ruthlessness

An Isis child soldier in a still from a recruitment video.

Jessica Stern and JM Berger

Isis’s bid to build a society hasn’t stopped at the recruitment of women. Foreigners have been encouraged to bring their whole families to Iraq and Syria to “live under the shade of the caliphate”.

In November 2014, Isis released a video introducing “some of our newest brothers from Kazakhstan”, who had “responded to the crusader aggression … and raced to prepare themselves and their children”. The video showed dozens of smiling boys, the sons of a unit of Kazakh fighters, clambering into a bus and going to a schoolroom described as “the ultimate base for raising tomorrow’s mujahideen”.

“We spent our childhood far away from this blessing,” their Kazakh teacher…

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