Seriously, The Intercept?

I follow The Intercept. They do really, really good investigative pieces… most of the time. The article/opinion below appeared on my Facebook today, and I was compelled to reply. However, my comment is blocked from me as is/are the reply (s) to it.

Several times I have perceived The Intercept as being anti-Semitic, yet I refrained from commenting because I knew it would set off a slew of liberal intolerance. So, basically, I just want to say Thank GOD Netanyahu has been “crying wolf” for decades over Iran getting a nuclear bomb. To our knowledge Iran hasn’t and we are still here. The Intercept’s argument is worthless, biased and disappointing. GOD help us, here in America, the day Iran gets a nuclear bomb with today’s technology.

You know I’m right.  Iran has made “death to America” their most important goal.

BTW….this is my personal blog which reflects my personal opinion. At least I didn’t say “Kiss my ass”.


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