Secularism: An Excuse for the Erosion of Morals.


Below are a variety of definitions but if you read the last one from the New Yorker, it is, in part, the one that hits closest to the truth. You need not even read the full article to grasp that.

[Excerpt-August 15, 2011] “The disappearance of God is often considered elegiacally, as a loss. But secularism can also be an affirmation of the here and now.”

Yes, let’s address the disappearance of God as a loss to affirm whatever the hell (oops, I wrote hell) you use to explain anything you deem appropriate for whatever generation you happen to be a part of. The entire one-line quote could presumably or existentially infer/imply that having children with a round fruit-flavored bit of cereal could be considered normal or acceptable (in the here and now) or adopting your hamster (so you can leave all your worldly possessions to it) could be reality-based. But, it really can’t. Secularism is the pathological absence of morals and the world is going down the tubes for its inception, ability to villify everything as well as it’s acceptablility, And, that is the here and now.

I liked the article. There is nothing wrong with saving one’s soul or expecting to see a love one in heaven or the hereafter. As for evolution, Darwinism or the like; hang it up. It’s been _illions of years and we’re really not any closer. I’m not even saying the writer said exactly that. However, we are at a precipice of falling into a routine kind of living in a world of instrinsic horror that just isn’t capable of surviving long-term. It is why things such as the world wars and the Crusades were necessary. Political correctness murders. Appeasing evil… murders.

You could do a survey using a lot less big words than the New yorker did simply asking people if they preferred living in a society with a lack of morals as opposed to a moral one. The majority of the responders will choose morality. (Maybe they just want to keep their heads.) I think it’s more than that. And, as long as I am allowed I will keep trying to hammer that point home. I wonder about the evolution of the thoughts both with the writer and friend mentioned in the article as I am sure there must have been one considering the events of the last year.

In any event, I sure hope the world is capable of accepting everything it begets. I sincerely doubt it. As for me, I’ll take GOD any day and one hundred times on Sunday.


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