Standing at the Door Between Good and Evil: Praying for Netanyahu

Israel’s PM left Israel today to address the United States Congress over Iran. Many will not pray for his safety, yet most will. I know I am. He is standing at the door between good and evil sent by God on a mission to wake the world to the realities of terror as he has not been able to bridge the gap of hate and ideology from the foreign policy of the west. I fear for him. I’ve seen the calls for his death. What he says this week may save us all. Shame on the Jews that are against him. Shame on the American people who are clamoring for his destruction based on a partisan belief who have no actual knowledge of what he stands for or, for that matter, have any real understanding of Christianity itself. They need to be really careful what they wish for. Iran knows this.

God Bless Netanyahu. May your journey be blessed and you accomplish your mission safely. May 100,000,000 voices rise to take your place and carry on should the armies of evil prevent you.

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