Stand With The Christians

If Not Now, When?

Speaking to Common Sense

If not now, when? How many dead bodies is enough?


Don’t dream a little dream with me. Better yet, do. Then stand.

I was out for a walk today and saw a line with a thousand Christians holding signs and shouting. Behind them was a line of 100,000 Christians being silent. I walked forth and I joined the line in front. I asked for a sign and was given one while I found my voice. I shouted for all those persecuted and all those murdered in the name of Jihad. I prayed for a moment when Christ would protect me from the hate, intolerance and swords I knew to come in the name of radical Islam.

In short time, I watched the line behind me dissolve in crimson colors and unintelligable shrieks of fear. All of us a sudden there was no line behind me. There were no voices and…

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