The Perjorative Duty? Where Have All The Ethics Gone?

Pejorative Duty: This is the kind leadership we face by a boy who thinks his duty is to change a country for himself to his liking as it is his country, not ours. His service is not to us.  He upholds few laws, respects few peers or the office he holds.  No part of the definitions below does he seem to understand. It’s as if he got to this office gratuitously which, frankly, emboldens him to act as he does. Was he never ever told “No, you can’t behave that way” as a child?

[Duty: A moral or legal obligation; a responsibility “it is my duty to uphold the law“]

[“…to do my duty to God and my country.”]- Boy/Girl Scout Pledge from my childhood.

One only has to look at his executive overreach to see what I mean. Everything over the last 6 years has been done in the form of protest: Protest of US laws, protest of US norms, protest of Christianity, protest of inequality, protest after protest after protest. Yet, it wasn’t until amnesty that people started truly answering back. For nearly 6 years, most people sat back and took it on the chin. Then came the midterms and a message was sent that people were tired of it. People had lost hope. People were seeing through the nonsense. So, they elected the Grand Old Party giving them control of the house and senate. Still, few mounting voices shattered the sycophant obedience. That is until the Sea of Blue began. Who would have thought that our police officers would be the first to make an impact? There had been many protests up to this. You know, all those million member marches that weren’t, and all those calls to congress that didn’t help. And, the riots… let’s not forget them. #BlackLivesMatter protests encompassed unbridled chaos, looting and destruction. I still don’t see a clear purpose but I do see Al Sharpton running away from them, and you can bet he’s taking his money with him.  It took the murders of quite a few police officers to lead people to see how quickly a meaningless platform could so egregiously destroy the very people we count on to protect us at home everyday. More people awakened and said “enough”. Even John Boehner seems to be waking up a bit. I sure hope so. I also hope we can do for our veterans the same that the Sea of Blue is doing for our police officers. And, maybe the Charlie Hebdo tragedy will embolden, albeit create, a Sea of Free Press devoted to freedom bolstering the right to free speech and free press. Surely a little good could come of the senselessness. I don’t truly think we’re there yet but one can hope.

These are the kinds of things I think about. They worry me and should worry you. I don’t even care if anyone agrees with me, because sooner or later we will all have a point where we have to stand up. I can look back and know I have been for a long time. And, I always will.

As I conclude this, I keep thinking about what someone I love said with regards to the lady cartoonist who let the killers in the door at Charlie Hebdo. (She did it because she believed them when she said they would kill her child.) This person said she didn’t know what she would’ve done had she been in that situation because it involved her child. I get that and I respect that. That being said, it also makes me think of every Jewish mother and child who perished in concentration camps during the Holocaust. Those that acquiesced most likely died. Enough said.


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