What is it going to take…really?

What is it going to take to wake the blind of mind and loyalists obedience to the destruction of self? I mean, really. Ask yourself. Thousands of police officers and compassionate citizens lined the streets and amassed at the funeral of a dead police officer whose death would have been avoided were it not for the blind of mind and obedience of the loyalists. This was a man trying to live according to his convictions, was a step away from being ordained and had no gripe with the murderer. His death (and his partner’s) was, and is, a waste from an ideology that encourages, promotes, incites and furthers hatred for no other reason than to implement the  laws of a few radical narcissists. That’s the truth. Nothing is, nor will be gained, from this to further anything good for society. Nothing! I mean nothing!

There is insidiousness in that too. The very “ideals” being fomented, if successful, are going to fly back in the face of the minions being used to do it. They’re going to have to live with the limits of these rules that killed people to implement. In and of itself, it’s a sad irony. The day may come when the weapon they fanatically sought to deny to others will be beyond their reach. Possibly some of them will die as a result of that ignorance. Or, better yet, the police officer they desperately need one day won’t be there to answer their call for help. Additionally, the racism they sought to support will deny them the friendship or knowledge of another who they might have had so much in common with just by virtue of the other being a different color. How is any of this just? How? The answer is, it isn’t. I don’t apologize for my feelings about all of this to my black, Hispanic or other ethnic family or friends because I believe I speak and feel from an honest and open realistic standpoint. That is my goal. If they choose to think I am in any way a part of the incessant rabble-rousing racist propaganda then that is their own tunnel-vision distortion they will have to work out within themselves. I make no apologies.

It is what it is and this current state of dividing people will ultimately fail. It failed with Attilla, Hitler, Lenin, and it will with the current spate of non-leaders. It has too. The attempt to purge the world of God, good, Israel, ethnic groups etc has always failed. The evidence is out there. It is the good of society everywhere that will prevail. Knowing and believing that, I still have to ask: “At what cost?”.

To answer that maybe we should ask the Jews (Holocaust), the Rwandans (genocide survivors), the survivors of the killing fields of Southeast Asia, the Christians in Iraq (genocide occurring now), the murdered kidnapped victims of drug cartels south of the border, all the dead young black men murdered by other black men (gang members) in major cities across America or maybe we could even look to Edward Snowden who knows a little about it how it begins? (the loss of our freedoms) There are many, many examples. I fear we are fast becoming another one.

Let’s, at least, hope time will tell. Given time, maybe we can change directions. I surely hope.

2 thoughts on “What is it going to take…really?

  1. I choose to ignore everyone and everything around me as I fix my own problems and climb myself out of debt, because I know I should remove the limb from my eye first before I remove the speck of wood from another.


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