Beware The Monsters Around US

Are you afraid? Do you feel comfortable walking a distance from your own home given the violent nature of the world today? Sometimes, I am. It takes but 1 minute to see the monsters around us. We can see them on the news; they can be the deliverers of the news and often are. MSNBC is a prime example. How they ever amassed such a hypocritical cruel bunch of breathing cold heartless beings is beyond my understanding.

Many more monsters are teaching your children at the highest levels of education. The irony of that is that many of you are paying for it.

On the streets of America are monsters of all variety, all colors and all ideologies born out of a sociopathic upbringing which taught them to truly only care about themselves. It’s foolish to even attempt to characterize them as anything more than that. The scariest part is they have found each other and are chanting, carrying flags and rioting in the name of a kind of justice that is untenable and honestly unattainable. People are losing businesses. People are getting killed. People are celebrating the destruction and the demise of others as well as celebrating it. Below are just a tiny fraction of them:

All these monsters have found a few leaders to follow. Their devotion, over time, will eventually fail them as they realize these leaders have abandoned them. They will have too. Police officers are being MURDERED in the name of said devotion. A bus will eventually drive up and all those devoted minions will have to necessarily be thrown under it. As sure as I am sitting here, that will happen. Then we will see the next phase. Let’s hope we survive it. Let’s hope it is no worse than what we are witnessing now.

I am afraid. I am angrily afraid. And, I am shamefully afraid that this is what those supposed to guide us have chosen to do.

Beware, the monsters around us.


2 thoughts on “Beware The Monsters Around US

  1. No, I’m not afraid of those monsters. I’m far better trained and far more “sociopathic” than they are, if better controlled. When they finally overstep their bounds enough that it won’t be too costly for me, I will proceed to do what I do best to them and their kin unto their unborn crotch-droppings I’ll rip from the females’ swollen bellies.

    I’m just wait as patiently as possible for someone to finally cry, “Havoc!”


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