With All Due Respect to the Office of…..

I am respectful of every office there is in America. I am as respectful as I can be for their holders if they earn it. That being said I had to say the following with regards to the People Magazine article (link) below:


Life is short. Battles should be chosen based on their merits and veracity. The above article encompasses neither. Everyone has had a moment (or two…) in their lives where they were treated in a way that wasn’t necessarily expected. That doesn’t mean that there is an intent of disrespect, bigotry, racism or hate every single time unless you take what is said in the article as the “gospel of truth”. It isn’t and shouldn’t be accepted that way.

For crying out loud, my younger brother is 6′ 3″ and many, many times I have seen him reach for something at the request of a shorter human being because they couldn’t reach it. He did it out of courtesy and thought ( no thinks), nothing about it to this day. I am 5′ 7″. Many a time I have helped a person who was shorter than me. It’s what we do us genetically gifted tall people.

Now, as for being thought of as a valet, I don’t think my brother experienced that but he has been mistaken for a lot worse. I have been mistaken for a store worker for having a shirt on that matched too similarly to the color of a store’s uniform. I have done that a couple of times to others. Big freaking deal.

In addition, I have been mistaken for being stupid because I am from West Virginia and we all know what jokes say about West Virginia. Yes you do, and no they’re not true. When I first moved here my 6th grade art teacher, Mr. Hubbard, kept making me repeat my name over and over in front of the whole class because he didn’t like how I pronounced Laura. It’s my damn name. If I want to pronounce it like “car” I will and I do. It wasn’t until the 6th time¬† he corrected me that I got offended and sat down.

And, we women get it all the time. There are few of us who haven’t been told they couldn’t do something because we weren’t strong enough. And, most would be lying if they denied that. Look at the push for Sharia Law which primarily affects women. I’ve seen a couple of legislators comment positively on that and they’re women and black. They too would be lying if they denied that. (The internet is forever.)

Now, I’m going to be called a racist? Eh…yeah probably. No one ever calls a conservative female blogger anything like a rational person, a realist or forthright except another conservative.

My point? Get over it. Pick your battles because picking every single little battle to assault your audience only makes you look pathetic, weak and whiney. Suck it up. Next time you’re asked to perform a simple courtesy as an action of common good or decency, just do it. No one is being demeaning.

And, there a far worse things to be mistaken for such as a “tyrant” or a “dictator” or a “liar”. Those are battles worth fighting if you do it well. Finally, if you find yourself being called any of the latter many it’s time to look inward. Don’t you think?


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