The realities of fake, spurious, false, fraudulent, sham, and deceptive ideology.

Speaking to Common Sense

Ideas that only exist existentially because the idea is something that has to become in order to exist (one isn’t born angry but one can become angry):

White privilege (Google definition I found)
White privilege (or white skin privilege) is a term for societal privileges that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. [note 1] These privileges are unearned and are distributed based on values of the dominant group.”

Then again, below is CNN’s newest definition. CNN is the most arrogant, slanted and morally bankrupt excuse for a news organization. And, they are as un-American as one can be. #BoycottCNN

This is absurd and I have never felt more underprivileged in my life. At no time have I ever benefitted from being white-skinned, or incidentally, freckled or tall. But, I have taken a lot of crap…

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