Stop! It’s Not Okay!

A young man is dead. Another man’s life has changed forever. The young dead man is black. The other man is white. One lies beneath the soil and the other lives with the knowledge that he took a life. A Grand Jury has looked at all the evidence and decided that one man is dead and one man has killed; and there is no evidence that will change either of those two things. They couldn’t reach a decision to hold one man more responsible than the other. Still, all across the nation, it has become a black versus white issue. There is little mention of the facts that show the dead man had just committed a crime or that the white man was a police officer who feared for his life. There’s little mention that one was a very large man and the other slightly built. The only thing anyone wants to talk about is race. (Talking about it includes setting fires, throwing bricks, stones and sticks, while looting businesses and assaulting innocent people.)

It is just a black and white issue because so many believe whites hate blacks and blacks hate whites. Al Sharpton will shout this as a fact. But do they? I don’t think so. I do think the media and the government are crap-stirrers. Crap-stirrers take an issue and conflate it, twist it and stir it personifying every little nuance to a degree that everyone views the entirety of the situation as an injustice even when the facts quite plainly show it as something all-together different.

The answer to this, they believe, is to destroy things, communities, relationships, goodwill and people. Why? Because the “good policies” that exist in today’s world are fomented by the crap-stirrers who, sadly, never understood a single portion of fairness in their own lives. They have become eternal victims all the while ignoring their “white-collar” jobs and ivy-league educations, millionaire bank accounts and even their 50% genetic make up of caucasion blood while blaming white-privilege. Somewhere at the end of all their crap-stirring exists an finality which will become clear to all of us who wish the crap-stirrers would just shut up and do the right thing. Then again, no it won’t. Perpetual victims can’t help themselves. They have to be the crap-stirrers.

This is NOT okay. The longer we allow the odor of the crap to permeate our minds, communities and way of life the worse it will be come. It’s time to stand up and apologize when you can, feel something for the other guy and honor and respect the people who make up this world based on who they are not on what color they are. It’s long past time to tell the truth and say right is right and wrong is wrong before it’s too late.


5 thoughts on “Stop! It’s Not Okay!

  1. I still love the America I live in. I do not let a few take me away from the way I act and believe. People become so negative instead of trying to promote positive and seeing both sides of any story. But this always existed. Today we learn what is going on around the world up to the minute…. back in the day there was no Internet and immediate exposure and full details…. life really has not changed that much even from the time of the Bible stories I read. If everyone just takes a lesson from each happening and tries to make life better for all it would be making better progress than negative attitudes.

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