And Then, God Made a Blog

tumblr_ltwnjyRzpH1r55d2io1_500Many American citizens feel voiceless. They feel voiceless because they know that all those “great” men and women they sent to represent them in our nation’s capital don’t. Now, I, being thoroughly disgusted with our senators and congressmen imagine them laughing and fist-pumping whenever a petition garners the requisite 100,000 signatures because they intend to do nothing more than twist and turn the issue to make It seem to appear in a better light. “Seem” is the important word here. Why? Look at the example of amnesty that has been tabled until after the November primary. That little petition only arms them so they can go around it muddling up the issue. I truly believe that or our marine in Mexico would’ve home a long time ago.

Look how speeches are given with confused agendas made only to seem like a positive action is coming. Take the speech promising a fight against ISIS. If you cannot admit what the enemy actually is you cannot fight it. Air strikes are fine but when we can send 3,000 troops to fight Ebola, a horrific disease, but not radical Islamic terrorists, also a horrific disease; then your priorities are messed up. Whether one thinks this is intentional (many do) or not; the sad fact is that our government is doing its country a grave disservice.

Fortunately, we have ways to not be voiceless. Most of these ways can be found on the internet in the form of news sites and blogs. If you think about it, you’ll realize prior to the net we had a house phone, or a post office from where we could send a handwritten letter, and we got more done. We used to march on Washington or Selma or anywhere we had to in order to get our voices heard. (Back then we had hard-fought-for respect.)

Did I mention the petitions? Yes, we had petitions; things so over-used now they’re pretty powerless.

I just want people to find their voices. Get off Farmville, Candy Crush or Facebook once in a while and start a blog. Write an editorial to your local or national newspaper. Reach out to your representatives in a letter. There is power in the written word; far more than in the speech manipulated by a media with little to no integrity.

Many people are coming across our borders because they know they will gain what they are seeking. While you are playing your games or saying “I don’t follow politics” you, the American citizen, have the most to lose. And, you are losing it. Find your voice with, pen, pencil, typewriter or computer or you will finally realize what people like me have been saying and find you have no voice at all.

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