When “it is what it is” just is.

You can write the most comedic bunch of hilarious yet banal nonsense, and, in many ways (just ask Sarah Silverman) command a fan or two. You can write the most inaccurate, yet impassioned, editorial and command an audience. But, you can also write the most factually correct and intentionally honest piece and find yourself ostracized. I prefer to aim for the middle of all. Most people I know prefer to ignore the truth, however, that opinion is based on my perception of things as a Christian. So, atheists can stop reading right now, because it just ain’t gonna get any better for you.

I had what I now know a very unusual mother. And, I undoubtedly appreciate her life more now than I was capable of as a youth. That is a good thing because she was the first person who regularly stressed that with age came wisdom. I only regret that I can’t thank her now but know she is living a heavenly life of bountiful blessings. We are living in troubled times. These times are more troubled than at any time that existed in the modern age except for World War II. As soon as you are convinced that what you know and what you believe is true, something else flies at you to convince you that… maybe not so fast. The president just blamed the media for people thinking that the world is falling apart also pointing out that the world is always falling apart. But, haven’t we been complaining for a very long time that the media has been covering up the real truths about what is going on in politics and the world? Sure we have. And, it’s not just conservative bloggers either particularly concerning reporting done by the main stream media which encompasses not only the traditional broadcast news but CNN and the ever deplorable MSNBC? Yeah, that’s a fact.

The world is in a bad way due to neglect and political apathy truly born out of the idea that America is an intolerant aggressor and everybody is a victim. That’s such crap there isn’t a big enough, descriptive enough or honest enough word to describe it, but it’s true none the less. That’s why we have a political leadership who feels it’s necessary to apologize for America. It’s why our legacy as a superpower has been damaged for God only knows how long. I am particularly offended by that.

Back in 1998, I bought my first computer. After awhile I made a friend in Holland who was older than I was and talked to him everyday. Things were fine until somehow we got into a conversation about wars and Europe and America. He showed me that in spite of all the knowledge I thought I had, I really didn’t have a clue as an American. For all my arguments, he said one thing that made me realize that part of what he believed was correct. This is what he said: “You’ve never lived in a time where your continent, much less your country, saw a bloody war fought on your own land.” What he said hit me. I sat up and thought how correct he was and felt embarrassed to have to have someone point it out to me. There I was in all my patriotism believing that America’s preeminence was a given. It was humbling and it led me to study everything I could about World Wars, America and history in general. Already past the quarter sentence in my years, I figured time was of the essence. I had to learn everything while still trying to live my life. So, I learned while I got married and had children. I went back to school while balancing oven timers, wet diapers, working, paying bills, getting divorced while having the occasional nervous breakdown to reach a point in my middle age where I realized that while I had learned a multitude of things, I still didn’t know shit when it came the the world and it’s complexities where humans were concerned.

What I did know was God, and I don’t mean I was especially adept at remembering exactly what the Bible says. I’m not. But, I knew where the most important foundations of life were. I knew who had my back when even my most vocal friend said they did, and I knew where just laws originated and where my conscience and soul owed their faith and loyalty. So, it wasn’t a stretch to see what was happening in the world particularly in America. And, it wasn’t a stretch to see the dangers all around it. What I didn’t see was enough people calling things out, until recently.

Yet, here we are. Few believe in our preeminence. And, many believe that America has been destroyed by a corrupt indoctrination of greedy affluence, evil in the name of religion and tolerance in the name of ‘Hey, it’s not really tolerance at all.” They’re right. While they may not be the only reasons they’re the most important. Take the words “all men are created equal”. Christians believe God created all men. That’s a pretty decent belief and definitely, if not certainly, a wonderful moral guide. I can almost here the teeth-grinding of an angry atheist. So, wait, I’m not finished.

The “religious” zealots cutting off people’s heads definitely don’t believe anyone is equal except for them. The atheists don’t either; which confounds me because faith infers religion and if you’re an atheist you have no faith yet they sue constantly to abridge Christian beliefs and rights. (At least Satanists have faith however wrong and misguided they may be.) Let’s not forget the apologists and those “Hey, we are not communists or socialists” who believe the creation of equality only pertains to a woman’s right to abortion, or that everyone has to have the same exact piece of the damn pie as everyone else and those who believe the American dream is a cliche because they never achieved it. I didn’t achieve the storybook American dream. Maybe that doesn’t exist. Who cares? It’s time to collectively get on the same page. War is coming. That’s a fact. History is repeating. We are awash in ignorance and we as humanity have lost sight of what it feels like to live, love and appreciate the simple things. While I realize there are people who have had lives ruled by hardship and strife, it’s not the rest of the world’s fault. Nothing is ever perfect except heaven. And, I’m not ready yet. I’m certainly not ready to give it my head in the name of anything. I’m not ready to help enslave my grandchildren. Lest the world and its citizens start to pay attention, really pay attention, so much will be heartbreakingly lost. It’s not just my beloved America. It’s the world.





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