Why Can’t We Have An American Brotherhood? Or Sisterhood?

I can hardly stand Facebook anymore. The once user friendly social media app makes me angry every time I log on, yet I still do. They have convinced me that most people don’t count and those that do have angry agendas or are looking to scam someone. They allow pages that incite violence yet call the most innocent photo that shows a bit of exposed skin porn. I also believe they possess a progressive agenda and unfairly censor conservative viewpoint when they can get away with it. Unless you’re knowledgeable, financially powerful or courageous enough to fight them, they know most of the little people will just take the scolding. To me it’s become this microcosm that emulates the horrendous world state we have right now. There are no good guys.

I am so disgusted with the political climate in the United States. There are no good guys there either. There are some of the most reprehensible people ever in Washington DC. Harry Reid is the worst of the worst. Has he ever done anything truly good in his entire career? Diane Feinstein, who I once thought (years ago) was good, has proven she doesn’t even trust her constituents and would like nothing better than to stifle every single voice that disagrees with her. Then there’s “Nana” that addlepated Nancy Pelosi who talks out of both sides of her mouth when she’s not in her Obamacare dream world. Then on the other side you have the GOP ruling class that will do anything, honest or not, to prove a point while aligning themselves with the progressives (socialists) just to keep a good man or woman who truly wants to represent their country from getting elected. You’d think we could trust our government. But, they make it abundantly clear they don’t care what we think nor do they care about what the average citizen wants; especially white, freckled natural born citizens like me. I can’t change my color to make them happy. I can’t change that I was born in America. I am not going to change my gender either. So, I guess I am going to go down with the ship. But, guess what, so are you.

We need an American Brotherhood or an American Sisterhood comprised of people who want to make them listen. We could trademark the name and shout who we were and what we stood for from the rooftops, but we would have to watch out for the drones. We’d be called racist though. Still, we could establish our own Super Pac and beat them at their own game. Then we could finance each others campaigns in the name of saving America.

Alas, then they’ll call us terrorists even though we ARE the good guys.


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