At Odds With My Antagonist

I want to be a protagonist but damned if auto-correct is my antagonist. Regardless of what I write, a word I had no intention of using suddenly appears in a finished project I have written. In my last post, ‘our’ became ‘are’. While not the fastest typist in the world, I am pretty good. So, this is to let you know that most errors are due to that damn auto-correct or spell-check (as they know best of course). If it’s a “I got nothing man mistake” I probably was angry or had imbibed a little happiness to make me think I am way smarter and more amusing then I am. That’s no easy feat since I think I’m pretty darn awesome at times. 🙂  So, judge me not by my errors. Judge me by the content of what I write. And, while your at it send this on to the man who thinks we dislike him for his color when we really dislike him for the content of his character. He has none. Character counts. When my grandchildren ask me why they have to work too, I tell them hard work builds character. It does and it’s all relative. 

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