Time To Say NO MORE

1506900_10152414636617042_6975138420790843852_nWhere’s the real help? Democrats are embracing impeachment to incite the progressive left into ignorantly coaching the lackluster, obtuse and mostly unintelligent liberals into an anger that makes them vote democratic just for the purpose of voting democratic which in turn leaves them in the same sinking boat they’re already in. The only prosperity in America is with the 1%. There once was a time where if you worked long and hard you could reach some semblance of the American Dream. Now, if you’re lucky, you can work long and hard and put some food on the table, a few clothes on your back and maybe see a movie or two though that’s in doubt, and to my delight negatively hitting liberal Hollywood hard. What I want to know is where are defenders are. They sure aren’t doing anything on Facebook or Twitter except bitching, moaning, displaying, petitioning and pleading. I want to know where our military is. I want to know why they haven’t said “Enough!”

This administration has let them down in such a way that anger should be their only response. Alas, we don’t have any Gen. Pattons, or Eisenhowers. What it seems we have is a huge number of frustrated soldiers unable to come together out of fear. Most don’t know what it was like to live during the Cold War where we children were forced to hide under our desks in thoughtful tests to make us prepare for the next nuclear bomb.Most haven’t studied history the way we older folks have. I was taught to sing all the military hymns and our national anthem in the 3rd grade. I know the words to America the Beautiful. The pledge of allegiance was something we said every day until I moved north. It was an honor to raise the flag every morning and fold it correctly with a reverence not seen today. I see Oathkeepers posts and follow their blog. I respect what they write and stand for and pledge. I read the Minutemen statement of controlling the border situation by 2015. They may as well sit down and shut up. By 2015 it will be too late. I heard Attorney General Holder say people who believed in what our country was were domestic terrorists and that most people against the administration were racist. He is factually and ideology incorrect. Through out United States history we have bitched about administrations and they were all white men. George Bush was vilified. I wasn’t a fan of him. Reince Prince everyday posts a meme asking for our opinion. If he doesn’t already know, he is wasting his time. And, the petitions …all those redundant petitions. They don’t do squat. When you have an administration who declares he is defying a Supreme Court decision, who rules by the whim of Executive Orders a petition is nothing but a waste of time. We still have an American marine imprisoned in Mexico, an American Marine deserter and likely collaborator released and celebrated. Where is our military? It is way past time to stand up and say NO MORE. Even those esteemed Generals, active, retired and fired, need to do it to. Talking the talk doesn’t do a damn thing. Walking the walk does. I’m proud of the citizens (not backed by military) who are standing up and making their voices heard. I just fear it will continue to fall on deaf ears. Get off your asses Americans.


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