Rejecting Hope & Change

I just read a story titled “Let it Rip” published on the aggregate news sharing site the Drudge Report characterizing our president as taking the metaphorical gloves of speech off declaring him to be speaking openly now that he isn’t able to run for president again (which in itself infers he is only now speaking honestly). And, at the conclusion of the article all I could think to say was ‘what the hell was wrong with being honest from the get go?’ If one’s arguments can’t stand up to scrutiny then they are bad arguments. Doesn’t this man realize how badly he looks to the majority of the American people? How about to the rest of the world? Sure, he does. I don’t think he cares. And, all the time he has been president I truly believe he has only cared about doing the exact opposite of what would be good for this country. That is a travesty. It is such a travesty that if he doesn’t start a world war, history will review him as a monster. That’s sad. I’ve never troubled myself to look up his past learning only as I went along from others who had. Nothing that I have read could instill such a hatred against America. So, I often wonder where it comes from. Then again I don’t lose much sleep over it because the world is full of apathetic cold people. Maybe he’s just one of those.

I had a really rough time growing up. But, I still love my country. While living in the United States has never been perfect, there is no other place I’ve ever wanted to call home. Yet, the very institutions, traditions and freedoms that made America have systematically been eroded in the best country to ever exist where this man was fortunate enough to be elected to lead. Yet, lead he has not.

The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the American Flag, our veterans, our once respected dollar among numerous other beautiful American aspects have gone unappreciated and become nothing more than talking points to him. I don’t feel led at all.

Many who voted for him feel misled, abandoned and lied to. I didn’t vote for him. I was raised by a charismatic talker. I saw in him things that were all too uncomfortably familiar. I can remember standing in front of my younger brother’s TV watching a speech he was giving just shaking my head wondering why people need idols. Because, that was what I was watching: idolatry. It seemed to me there were a huge number of desperate and clueless people. And, oh how bad it feels to know I was right. Truly there is no vindication in that. I just have a profound sense of sadness and an overdeveloped sense of outrage mixed with helplessness. So, I hope it’s okay if I let it rip. That seems only fair. So, here goes:

I love my country. I love its people. I love the way it was formed and the boundaries it thrived on. I do not like what has been done over the last 6 years. The very idea of America was based on the rights of the citizens to share rule; equally and fairly while protecting the rights set forth by its founders. The blessings of free speech, right to assemble, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, bearing arms etcetera didn’t need changing. They didn’t need tweaked. There is and never was one single thing wrong with what we had. I resent that it’s been destroyed by a teenage presidency and a teenage administration. I can’t find but one representative to truly respect in a forthright manner, and he is fighting an uphill battle. And, that’s Trey Gowdy. A few others, I believe are on the right track but they lack the courage and the conviction to stay on a course of true allegiance to the United States. Caving to the current populist view that giving up some rights is good isn’t ever going to be my mantra. I will be the Dietrich Bonhoeffer or the lone man (woman) standing in front of the giant tank in Tiananmen Square. At my front door, I will stand strong against anyone who tries to sway me from my devotion to Christianity or to anyone who tries to sway me to shut my mouth. I won’t. I won’t accept that I am living in a “Constitution-free Zone”. Never will I feel like “…all this for a damn flag”. My hand will cover my heart as I loyally and dutifully pay homage and allegiance to the flag in the memory of the men and women who made it cherished and free-flying.

Nor, will I pray for the inhumane purveyors of evil and hatred. There exists no common ground. I will rail against the open-border and growl most discontentedly at all that Americans are losing due to bad politics from narcissistic ideology. I just will not. And, I will not bow to a king. I owe these views and feelings not only to myself but to my children and grandchildren so that hopefully I can instill in them the desire to fight on where I leave off and to cherish what freedom means.


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