Independence Day in the ” I Don’t Care Eye See You Era”

This fourth of July, Americans have more reasons to be concerned about their freedoms and independence than at any time in American history. I actually feel blessed to be an American, and I genuinely appreciate the fact that an established free America has withstood tyranny for well over 200 years. Yet, sadly, this is the first time I can ever say I am afraid. Why am I afraid?

I am afraid we have lost that “established free America.” I am afraid that we are governed oppressively. I am afraid we have no privacy and that our rights are being quickly snatched away from us in the name of security. I am afraid occasionally to be viewed as an American. By that I mean, I have run into people, mostly merchants, whose disdain and anger towards Americans have made me look over my shoulder as I walk away from their businesses. Often, I feel like there are daggers (metaphorically speaking) pointed at the back of my head as I leave the businesses they were so free to establish here in America. When I am home I feel ashamed that I was so fraught with fear. But it’s the truth.

Then I get angry. I get angry because I feel usurped in the last damn place on earth I should; The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. This is my country. This is the country my son served 7 years in the military for. This is the country my uncles served. This is the country countless wars have been fought for, and this is the country that countless sons and daughters have died to protect.

I share things on social networks, often redundantly. I do it because I don’t think enough people care about the direction America is going. And, if I am wrong, and more care; then I have to believe that not only are we a nation of sheep …we are a nation of cowards. So, I wanted to write this to say to all Americans: Find your pride. Find your conscience. Find your souls. Even if you find yourself dependent on one form of government assistance or another … this is YOUR country. It’s not your job to change it. It’s not your duty. It is your duty to protect and preserve it. Think of it this way. There’s a great joy in the freedom of knowing I can write this and still publish it freely. What happens when I can’t? What happens when you finally get the desire to write or say it, and you can’t? For those who are loving the Marxist ideology and think that free things and the ever watchful eye of Big Brother are better than liberty, you better wake up. Marxism always fails and it fails big. There is no time, no action and no place in history that will prove what I say wrong. You can try, but you will not succeed. Happy Independence Day. Think about it..





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