Kindness matters. It just does.



All over the United Sates are people so bent on controlling the simple things in life. Yet, when control is just beyond their grasp many resort to name-calling while using a reprehensible amount of intolerant behavior. It’s widespread in the media, in politics, in Hollywood and in the big cities. Friendship is considered friendship when, and only when, one person aligns with the other person’s thoughts, beliefs or financial interests. To sway from that there is no friendship.


American used to be the friendliest most honorable country in the world. It was place where we took care of our own.  We did our best to feed and clothe one another, We had the best healthcare in the world. America had strength, a strong diplomacy and the trust of our Allies. Our economy was a model of efficiency. Not since the Civil War have we seen America so divided. Everything comes down to the right or the left. The right wants the America of old, yet the left wants to deepen the division with hate. They hate women, they hate anything that reminds them of the good that made America so special. They hate and denounce God,The Constitution and they file frivolous lawsuits against programs and traditions that help America.


Things like peanut butter sandwiches are deemed racist and words like “bossy” are too egregious to say. Pop tarts bitten in the shape of a gun are supposedly dangerous too. Never mind though that a little boy was suspended from school for the crime of playing hangman which, if you were honest, we all played as a kid. Then there is the transgender movement mostly perpetrated against minors by bad parents. And, yes, I mean bad parents. At one time, Americans feared going to war. They would fear a nuclear attack during the Cold War. This is true as I remember the school drills to prepare for what was sure to come. Then there is the homosexual issue. To be against it your homophobic. As such, if you’re against Islam you’re Islamaphobic. I am neither. I am, however, against the violence ingrained in Islam. As for homosexuality, I have members in my family who are gay, I just don’t get it. Neither issue makes me a phobic of anything. I don’t understand drugs either. I just can’t wrap my head around it. I can’t wrap my head around droning Americans, the lack of empathy and the full-blown apathy of our president. The NDAA is just a license to jail indefinitely and indiscriminately. I miss America. I abhor the idea of a new World Order. Citizens should have a choice to live in America as free people. Our hands should be over our hearts every time we think of her.








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